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I realized the problem with finding a good business opportunity was the fact that there were thousands of them and each one claimed to make me a rich man by tomorrow. So I wondered how it was going to be possible for me to find the best business opportunity when thousands of them were all claiming to be the best.

Well, for some odd reason I asked myself this question: “How do I find a good movie at the rental store when there are thousands to choose from, all claiming to be the best?” The answer to that was easy! I just read the movie reviews to find out which one got the best ratings. I had a Movie Reviews book that told me detailed facts about every movie in our history. My handy review book told me how much money the movie brought in at the box office, the names of the people starring in each movie, and how much each movie cost to make. Plus, most important, my handy little book of reviews told me the opinions of the various movie critics around the country along with reviews from real people like me and you.

So my first thought was to look for a book or website that reviewed all of the popular business opportunities. But after searching for several days, I gave up and realized there was no book or website that offered complete reviews on all the major business opportunities.

So I finally knew what type of business I was going to start. I could tell there was a strong need for a website that tested and reviewed business opportunities to save people like you and me a lot of time and money.

I realized that we don’t all have to spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours trying and testing business opportunities to see which ones work. I knew that if one person did all the trying and testing, then we could all greatly benefit from that knowledge without the need to spend our own time and money.

So I decided I was going to be that person who tried, tested and reviewed the biggest names in business opportunities. I would spend all of my money and my hours testing business opportunities so I could tell the rest of the world which ones work, and most importantly, which ones don’t work!

How to Contact Us
please email Kate James, info@moneybizs.com